Roman Shades

We provide quality and precision in all of our work. Our Roman Shades are lined with Drapery lining to prevent majority of light infiltration. If you need complete blackout coverage, we offer an inner lining that also provides energy efficiency. Small rings are attached to the lining, strung with poly cord to create a pully system, all completely hidden from sight.

We also offer two different locking mechanisms. First option is "locking" which works like a blind. Pull the shade to your desired height, then pull the cord to the right to lock in place. When rolling the shade down, pull cord to the left to unlock.
The second option is "non-locking", once the shade is pulled to the desired height, it must be tied off. We recommend attaching small decorative brackets halfway up the window, to wind the cord around and hold the shade in place.

Ready to start your custom order? It only takes three easy steps to begin the process:1. Measure 2. Pick your style and fabric 3. Contact us for a quote

How to Measure for Roman Shades

Measuring for your Roman Shades must be precise. In order for the shades to fit perfectly to your window, we request that for inset (inside mount) shades, measurements be taken from 3 different places, both length and width.

In some rare cases, especially in older homes, windows are uneven. They could be wider at the top than the bottom or vise versa. This can cause your shade not to fit or operate correctly. This can all be resolved by following the example for measuring in the picture included with this section.

Choosing your fabric

We offer a large selection of fabrics, most of which can be made into Roman Shades.

Choose one fabric or two coordinating fabrics to create a bordered shade.

The majority of our drapery fabrics are suitable. We do not use stiff fabrics as this could prevent ease of folding or stretchy fabrics.

We can determine if the fabric is suitable and help choose one that would give the perfect look to complete your windows.

Choosing your top treatment - optional

Add a swag or valance over your Roman Shades for additional decor.

Go to our "Window Treatment" section to choose from our many different options, that would atop your shades nicely.

Whether you choose a more tailored or gathered style, we offer many options both short and long.

Curtain rods with an extension must be used to allow the shade to operate properly.

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